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Evelyn’s Slime Factory

Our 8 year old daughter, Evelyn, is obsessed with all things slime… She’s always making some, poking it, stretching it, telling us all about it or how it is different from the other 12 she just got done making. One day we got to thinking that maybe she could put this slime knowledge to use so we asked if she’d like to sell some at the restaurant. So she put a few out on the counter and they went fast! We agreed that her homework was to be done before making any slime for the restaurant, and she was great about it. As soon as she got home from school, she hit the books before sticking her hands in glue. Yuck. Then I had another idea: A slime class.

So this past weekend the Chief Slime Officer of Evelyn’s Slime Factory, Evelyn, held a 1 hr. class on how to make 2 different types of slime. $10 covered all the ingredients and containers for slime storage. The kids had so much fun!  As we were cooking breakfast in the kitchen we could hear the kids laughing and squealing having the time of their lives.. Here are a few pictures of our CSO making her slime and also from the class… Enjoy!


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