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To celebrate our becoming The Greenhouse Market & Cafe we held a pig roast on April 23rd, 2016 and donated the proceeds to The Epiphany School of Sayre. This was our first ever pig roast and I think it was a fantastic success! We were able to give a nice check to Father Joe kutch while at the same time letting people know that we are open for business! The event began with Meade Murtland from Wiggle 100 doing a live remote in our dining room talking about our restaurant and what makes us farm-to-table.  OK I’ll admit that I’m much more comfortable at the stove than on the radio!

Now the food….We purchased a pastured pig Windstone Landing Farm and had it processed at Leona Meats. Using our Caja China we cedar smoked pastured pork spare ribs & fresh ham in addition to roasting half of Windstone’s pig (the other half we had ground for our AMAZING breakfast sausage that we make by hand and cook to order each day on our breakfast menu). Each guest at the event received pulled pork, cedar smoked spare ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, watermelon, Caesar salad made with our own greenhouse grown kale, fresh cut French fries, and burger made with organic ground beef from Engelbert’s Farm topped with their smoked Gouda, cedar smoked onions, our own greenhouse grown arugula, and French onion reduction on a steamed homemade roll. It was just amazing! What was even more amazing was the fact that hardly any of the guests used any bbq sauce! The pig was injected with citrus juices and covered in a dry rub and I agree that it didn’t need any sauce! That’s when you know it’s good…..

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