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Lunch Menu

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Please tell your server about any food allergies before ordering

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The highest ingredient standards around.  

Small Plates

Proudly made from scratch
Cup soup 4.00
Bowl soup 5.00
Fresh cut French fries 2.50
Roasted garlic butter & asiago fries  4
Sweet potato fries 2.75
Side salad 4
Fruit cup 3



We only use freshly grown local greens, all year long. Extra dressings 50¢

Turkey Salad *

Pastured turkey from Windstone Landing Farm with, grapes, cucumber & asiago over local greens. Served with poppy seed vinaigrette.


Apple Walnut Salad *

Pastured chicken from Windstone Landing Farm, walnuts, apples, fried local pastured egg, & asiago over local greens. Served with waldorf dressing.


Brisket Salad *

8 Hour brisket tips over local greens with apples, asiago and crumbled blue cheese. Served with poppy seed vinaigrette.


Greek Salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion, black olives, roasted red pepper & feta over local greens. Served with balsamic vinaigrette.


Waldorf Salad*

Pastured chicken from Windstone Landing Farm with apples, walnuts, orange segments, and brie over local greens with Waldorf dressing.


Nicole's Salad*

8 hour brisket tips with our own pickled red onions, pickled cabbage crumbled blue cheese over local greens with a caper-Russian dressing.




Chicken Salad *

Roasted free-range chicken with celery, red grapes, mayo, and local greens.


Nutty Tuna *

Tuna salad with sliced celery, mayo, & local greens. Try it grilled! Add cheese for 90¢


Enjoy one of the above half sandwiches with a cup of soup for $7.50

Apple, Local Honey, & Brie grilled cheese

Melted brie, apples, local honey, and local greens on grilled homemade bread.


Pesto *

Pastured chicken from Windstone Landing Farm with roasted red peppers, garlic, greens, basil pesto and feta on grilled focaccia.



Pastured chicken or turkey from Windstone Landing Farm, or 8 hour brisket with greens, local bacon, tomato, mayo, & American cheese on 2 slices of toasted homemade bread. (the 3rd slice is just in the way!)


Rueben *

This is the best Rueben in the history of the universe!

Grilled homemade multigrain topped with an 8 hour brisket slab, our own pickled cabbage & pickled red onions, Swiss, and a caper-Russian sauce.


Haystack *

8 Hour brisket tips with grilled onions, mushrooms & roasted red peppers over fresh cut fries.


Buffalo Wrap*

Pastured chicken from Windstone Landing Farm with hot sauce, crumbled blue cheese, homemade ranch and local greens in a wrap.


Turkey Wrap *

Pastured turkey from Windstone Landing Farm with cucumber, local greens, local bacon, homemade ranch & American cheese.


Gobbler *

Pastured turkey from Windstone Landing Farm with craisins, local greens and mayo in a wrap.




 Proudly made with Engelbert Farms (Nichols, NY) organic ground beef
2015  & 2016 Tioga Downs Burger Battle People’s Choice Champion!
Each burger is 6 ounces, seared in a cast iron pan, then cooked to order starting at $7.50

Choose your roll Hamburger roll, gluten free roll, focaccia, English muffin
Choose a cheese ($1 each) Swiss, American, cheddar, feta, blue, asiago, brie ($1.25)
Choose toppings (.50¢ each) grilled onions, pickled onions, raw onions,  grilled mushrooms, pickled cabbage, tomato, local greens, spinach, roasted red peppers, black olives, cucumbers, ranch, mayo, Russian, garlic
Premium toppings nitrate-free pastured bacon ($2), 8 hour brisket ($1.75), pile of 5 crisply grilled
cheeses ($4), locally pastured egg ($1.50) basil pesto (75¢)


Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Milk Carton, Bottled Soda, Water, or Juice

We are proud to partner with High Mounain Coffee Company - a Forksville, Pennsylvania family that imports coffee direct from their relatives in Honduras. Each pot of coffee we brew is immediately ground prior to brewing. The result is very smooth, never bitter...

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, fish, shellfish, or eggs may increase
your risk of food Borne illness. Good food takes time to prepare. Please plan accordingly.

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