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2016 Tioga Downs Belly Busting Burger Battle

And STILL!!!! We successfully defended our title on June 26th as the People's Choice Champion! Local, farm-to-table is what tastes best! The best food really does come from close to home...... Photos to come....

The best food is grown
close to home

Thanks for coming! We are a family-owned farm-to-table bakery cafe in Sayre, Pennsylvania. Our kitchen is full of locally sourced ingredients from small family-owned farms that we know and trust. In fact, most of our ingredients pass directly from the farmer's hands to our own. It is a freshness you can taste!


We do things the old fashioned way...

by hand, from scratch. Our baking is done in house by a Certified Master of Baking with over 60 years in the industry. We cut our own steaks, roast our own meats, make our own sauces. You get the idea.

Your standards are about to change...


Quality beyond

Slow roasted. Cast iron seared. To order. Pure. Award winning. Local.
You'll find these words on our menus each and every day.
Getting hungry yet?

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 100 S Elmer Ave, Sayre, PA 18840      570-888-2828